Tuesday, May 16, 2017


For me, seeing rain lilies is comparable to finding a surprise package in my mailbox! The roadside of one of our busy streets had lovely group and individual displays of them this morning as we headed off to fulfill a time commitment. I was "chompin' at the bit", knowing the likelihood of their still being there when we returned was unlikely because they have the peculiar habit of coming up the morning after a rain (or, I've noticed following a good water-sprinkling over our library yard), then generally they disappear, challenging you to find where they stood regally a short time before! Perhaps that's why I like them so much: not only do they surprise me when they arrive, but in their also surprising me when they go, it's with a promise they'll surprise me again another morning! Though it was quite windy, obviously I did get pictures this morning!

P.S. More info is available regarding Rain Lilies by "googling"; one such site is:   http://texashighways.com/txtop40/item/4450-rain-lily

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