Saturday, March 25, 2017



3-22-17  First cactus 
blossom of the spring 
and we are looking 
forward to more blooms.

        Pretty prickly portrait!


Day 2 of blooms: 2 Blossoms!

Our first-ever purple iris!
Kay Rollins gave several
bulbs to John last fall and
and it was with great excite-
ment I hurried in to tell him 
when I saw this!

3-24-2017  Day 2 of Picture-
Taking of Purple Iris #1 as she 
was having fun playing in the breezy sunlight and shadows.
Thank you so much for this
added beauty,Kay!

This demands no explanation for only one viewer! For the rest of you, I have that one friend who posted a comment on my yellow roses, "Pretty, but I prefer carnations." Anyone have any comments?  :-)

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