Friday, April 12, 2013


    This brilliant red flower held much meaning to Alma and her family.  As she approached her 100th birthday, the amaryllis turned out to be the last flower she ever saw, and then it was only through daily photos.  The amaryllis had been a gift to her several years prior.  The bulb was later been transferred to the front yard flower garden where she could see it from the house when she was no longer able to go outside. Still living in that same place, her daughter and grandson just passed the second anniversary of Alma’s death and while thoroughly enjoying the first of the season’s profuse blooming of this year’s roses, they were once again looking forward to the once-every-year’s bright red floral display of Alma’s Amaryllis. Unfortunately, as you can see from the photo representation, someone came by on April 10, 2013, and snipped off and stole Alma’s Amaryllis as it was preparing this year’s growing stalk! If things go as usual, the additional stolen roses will bloom again and again this summer; not so the amaryllis - it’s a once-a-year gift. Upon learning of such thievery one person commented, she’d “like to think that Alma came by and snipped it to remember a little bit of her earthly days”!   

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